Fishing Homosassa

Nearshore/Offshore Fishing, Scallop Trips, River/Spring Cruises, Manatee Tours and all things on the water designed for your Extreme Fishing, Fun and Fill the Box Experience!
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The Extreme Experience

Fishing Homosassa – Extreme Fishing Habit Charters and Tours operates directly out of Homosassa, Florida, a true fisherman’s paradise both nearshore and offshore fishing charters, with a remarkable open bay giving way to exceptional clear waters and fish holding rocks and reefs. Basically GOD’s own aquarium. To make the most of this awesome location the crew runs a variety of vessels and boat charters specially designed to give you the best experience on or in the waters whether you are fishing, taking scallop trips, diving, taking a sunset cruise, a trip to the springs or taking a scenic river cruise.

Fishing & Scalloping

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Tours & Trips

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what customers say

what customers say

Your Extreme Fishing and Tour Experience

Fishing Homosassa Charters (Half and Full), Offshore Fishing Homosassa, boat charters guided tours, river taxi, scallop trips, sunset cruises, spring trips and manatee tours. Kids fishing trips are available and welcomed. All major credit cards accepted. All licenses, bait and tackle provided.

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